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A Better Ultrasound Experience.

Convenience and safety is important, so we offer Ultrasound exams at each of our three locations and can often accommodate same-day exams and flexible scheduled appointments. Ultrasound tests are one of the most common diagnostic imaging machines in clinics and hospitals today. Ultrasound imaging does not produce radiation and is a great solution for monitoring the fetus inside a mother’s womb, it is also used to peek through other tissues inside the body, such as the kidneys, heart, blood vessels, and more.

Regardless of location, the cost of an Ultrasound scan is substantially lower than the cost of the same exam performed at a local hospital. We believe that offering value, without compromise, is the right thing to do.

What is an Ultrasound?

Ultrasound imaging uses high-frequency sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body. It does not use radiation and provides clear pictures of soft tissues that don’t show up well on X-rays. Images are captured in real time and can show the movement of the body’s internal organs.

What you should know

Answers to frequently asked questions.

Heartland Imaging understands that the cost of an imaging exam can be a concern. Our rates for both insured and uninsured patients are substantially lower than the same exam performed at a hospital. We believe that price transparency is important so you can be prepared for your financial obligations, if any. To learn more about what your exam may cost, please click here.

The radiologist will review the ultrasound images and provide a diagnostic report that will be sent directly to your provider. The report is typically available to your provider within 24 hours. Many providers plan scheduled time to discuss results with their patients so you could check with their office to see when they will be available to review the information with you.

Prep for your ultrasound scan

  • Do not eat or drink anything 8 hours prior to your exam.

  • A full bladder is required for this exam. Drink 32oz of water 90 minutes before your exam. Please do not empty your bladder.


If you have any questions about your visit, please contact the imaging center at 502-429-6500.

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